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Thursday, March 3, 2011

color palette blog walk!

It's Color Palette Blog Walk time! I told you it was coming this week.

This event is hosted by Brandi of Brandi Girl Blog (who is awesome with color, by the way), and here's the deal: Brandi challenged a group of 20 bloggers to create color palettes from our own photography. Preferably the photos were to be of things that inspire us. So, here we go:

The beach/ocean
I can't bring up inspiration without mentioning the beach. It truly is my happy place. Whether East Coast, West Coast or somewhere in the Mediterranean, the beach always puts me in a creative (and relaxed) state of mind.

la jolla, ca

ocean city, nj

What? You thought you'd get through this post without reading about how I love California? Sorry. No matter what city I've visited there, I've always felt a certain energy that just doesn't happen here in PA. Plus the scenery is beautiful. I need a vacation there. Soon.

(PS- The San Diego and San Francisco pics were just quick snapshots I took with the point-and-shoot, so they aren't the most artistic photos, but I think they still capture the California spirit.)

san diego, ca

santa monica pier

fisherman's wharf, san francisco

Lampwork beads
Of course, like so many other participants in this blog walk, I love art beads. My favorites are boro lampwork glass. We may have discussed this before. Anyway, these are a pair of earrings I made and I just love the rich colors. How can you not be inspired by these little works of art?


Obviously, this blog is a style/fashion blog of sorts, so fashion is a big inspiration to me as well. Sometimes colors will just pop out at me from my closet. Like these dresses. I saw them hanging together and decided I just had to take a picture of them. And remember when I said "Paris in Winter" was my inspiration for my studio? Yeah, nevermind. This picture is my new inspiration. Pink! Sequins! Ruffles! YES!


Yep. Beagles. They are just awesome. And their coats are just so pretty, don't you think?



I have thoroughly enjoyed this blog walk. It's been so much fun. And I think it's safe to say that the things I love are the very same things that inspire me. I probably should have put food on this list, too.

All photos by me.

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Lyn said...

Oh, these palettes are just great. And they made me smile - Beagles, yup! How fun. Thank you.

shari said...

First of all, I love all those beachy photos and palettes... I miss the coast! I've been to all of them but Ocean City. When I was in NJ, I went to Long Branch, instead.

All your palettes are lovely. I love the colors you picked out of them! The dog is beautiful. Awww.... I want to cuddle a dog now....

Sam said...

That first picture La Jolla makes me NEED to go on a trip. I want tropical or maybe just warm! I love how you captured the subtle colors within the photos as well. Beautiful!


Brandi said...

These are absolutely fabulous!! I don't which ones I love more - the beachy palettes, the soft dresses palette, the beagle palette. Super fantastic, Christie! It's lovely to see what inspires you!

Thanks for playing along!

Cindy said...

Christie, your pictures and palettes really speak to me...the ocean (yes, my favorite source of inspiration and rejuvination as well), your sweet beagle - my Dad had one as a child, and that shot of the hanging dresses - oh so dreamy. Your picture are so beautiful, and so is your blog! I've enjoyed reading through some of your older posts. Thanks for sharing!

TesoriTrovati said...

Such a beautiful blog you have here! I love the soothing colors of that ocean shot, the first one, okay, all of them! Beautiful. Reminds me that it has been 2 1/2 years too long since I saw the ocean. Fisherman's Wharf to be exact.

Thanks for sharing your inspirations! Enjoy the day!

katrina said...

Gorgeous! I love beagle palettes, but I think my favorite is the San Diego palette. Olive and aqua is such a beautiful combination!

Tatter Beans said...

Love your palettes... the dresses and the beagle... wow really nice...

christie said...

Thanks, everyone! I had so much fun with this. And those beagle pictures are actually two different beagles- I have two of those sweet little creatures. The first picture is of my Lucy and the second is of our newest girl, Meadow.

Recycling jewelery girl said...

I love the beach color palette those colors are so pretty!!! My favourite

Karen M said...

Loved the beach colour palettes too.

Jess said...

I can't decide which picture I love best... I love a beach scene, completely in love with the peachy dresses, but I cant resist a sweet puppy face!! Love!

ShinyAdornments said...

your beach photo palettes make me LONG for summer. Sooooo soothing. :-)

and how cute is that beagle. I just want to kiss his adorable nose.

Simply Shiny Blog

Jessa | ReArtingDotNet said...

My fave photo and palette is the second to last - that is one cute beagle! You did a great job with your palettes!

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